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  • The innovative game changing SkinTite can reduce excess and aged skin without surgery to provide a more youthful facial contour.

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    face lift

  • Every year, hundreds of thousands of men and women choose to have blepharoplasty to reduce signs of aging around the eyes.

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  • Get the sexy figure you have always craved at a price you can afford. Breast Augmentation and Lift.

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  • Votiva- safe, effective non-surgical treatment for women. Treat sexual dysfunction and tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor.

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  • Reduce that turkey neck without a single cut with the hottest new technolgy of Skintite.

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    Neck lift

  • Acne scars and sun damage are erased away with fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing.

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  • Get rid of sagging skin on the stomach, arms, knees, thighs, and buttocks with the ground breaking Forma.

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  • M.J. (patient)
    Oh my goodness! I can't believe what a difference just one treatment made for me! Not only was I tighter 'down there', but I felt I was ready to start enjoying intimacy again…like it was my very first time. I am so grateful for Votiva.

  • J.N. (patient)
    Best experience! Dr. Roberts and his team are absolutely amazing. Dr. Roberts and his years of experience, provided me with the best solution for my budget

  • S.T. (patient)
    I absolutely love my results and I'm only a week out! Dr. Robert Stands behind what he says and is so trustworthy. Very thankful for Dr. Robert and his staff!

  • A.C. (patient)
    I was troubled with my skin but even more troubled with the idea of surgery. I was referred to Dr Robert by a trusted Physician-UCLA Professor. It is only 15 days since Dr Robert treated me and the improvement is hard to believe.

Vaginal rejuvenation
Now $800*

Previously, women did not have many options to improve intimate issues that occur from childbirth or aging. Now new technologies are available giving women more options to resolve their discomfort. There are new effective, easy and painless choices that are safe and effective. Votiva offers solutions that address both internal and external vaginal health concerns, with clinically proven feminine wellness technologies.

InMode Solutions Votiva treatments are all-encompassing, addressing internal and external vaginal concerns. Patients can select FormaV (internal vaginal canal), FractoraV (external Vaginal Labia).

FormaV is a comfortable treatment that provides uniform RF heating of the internal vaginal tissue and external vulvar area and/or labial hypertrophy. This tissue remodeling provides safe, effective treatment that can provide tightening of the vaginal canal. Many women report increased sexual satisfaction following this improvement. FractoraV delivers deep fractional tissue coagulation. The technology is based on the combination of fractional coagulation and heating. This is designed for remodeling external areas such as the labia majora.

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